New Releases: All the Ships!


Astral Technologies is proud to finally announce the release of all the ships that have been out there for a whille, Including a brand new one,

as most of us already know, <A-T> has been making a lot of warships and updating the old ones to the new system,

and Finally we’re announcing them here on the website!

The Ships that are currently for sale with the new system are the following:

  • Kongo Class Battlecruiser
  • Takao Class Heavy Cruiser
  • Repair Ship Akashi
  • Shiratsuyu Class Destroyer
  • Fubuki Class Destroyer
  • Deutschland Class Pocket Battleship
  • Atlanta Class Light Cruiser
  • Fletcher Class Destroyer
  • King George V-Class Battleship
  • Dido Class Light Cruiser

You can find it at our inworld store


Photos not in order of names and not all ships included,