About WWII Central


WWII Central is the ultimate World War II based combat experience in Second Life.

Geared towards VICE weaponry and vehicles, it’s the only that allows for direct access to over 40 combat regions for warship and aircraft combat, with WWII Central serving as the regions for both infantry and vehicular combat. It’s made with the highest quality assets available. From custom made mesh to interactive scripted elements, we have it all.

Finally, a combat region that isn’t stuck in the primmy past of SL!

New to VICE? Get free starter gear:  Uniforms, M1 Garand/Panzerfaust, Mosin NagantType-A Submarine, several others.

A view on the battlefield

Adminstration Team

Sim Managers

Dax Dupont (ghost.menjou)
Amber Lynn (fioliakiryane)


Chester McFisticuffs (l1ghtsh0wz3n)
Ryo (ryokotensaki)
Karl Reisman
Kal Auroras (nohime.runner)
Kajura Torok (chloechisum)