Memorial Isle

Memorial Isle is a place of contemplation and remembrance of people lost dear to us and the community at large. It features two memorials for Jessie (Bluemech) and Duckky Darwin.

Out of respect for the dead, it is expected that visitors behave in a proper manner as with any remembrance site.


Jessie (Bluemech)

Jessie was loved by a great many of us in the VICE community, always friendly, helpful, creative and never failed to put a smile on people’s faces.

Truly a landmark in our hearts and our community.

We’ll never forget you, and as you would’ve wanted we’ll celebrate your life.

There’s simply no way I can possibly capture you properly in words, you were dear to each and everyone of us.

It isn’t what we write,

It isn’t what we say,

Its how we feel inside,

As we think of you today.


Duckky Darwin

From the “The Remembrance of Duckky Darwin” notecard:

I write this in the deepest sympathy… of the passing of Joshua R. Crust, known as Duckky Darwin on Second Life.
Whilst Duckky has been in and out of hospital within the past couple of months, his unfortunate soul passed away after a one-year illness on June 10th, 2011 in the Ohio State University James Cancer Center.

Duckky Darwin was a hard-working, dedicated member to several military factions in the community that includes Militant Collective, 2142 and Vanguard Armed Forces. He was always keen in the work he did such as his photography, as well as spending time with his kids to which he was a caring… fun-loving father.

Duckky was always bright and a friendly individual. He was popular amongst his friends, always willing to lend other people a hand when needed. Despite his suffering, he has remained positive and took life to the fullest.

It is now that I simply ask members of the Second Life Military Community to remember this wonderful man.

There are many that will read this who will wish to share similar condolences. If you would like to leave one for Duckky and all of his family, please contact LordBob Boa so that I can forward you the details. Some reading this however will not know Duckky personally, though you are thanked for viewing this remembrance notification.

The 2142 military will be constructing a memorial dedicated to Duckky Darwin.

May a such notable person stay in our hearts and memories forever.

You will be missed.

Joshua R. Crust

December 30th 1983 – June 10th 2011