[WWII Central] Rules of engagement

If there is any question about a sim rule please approach a Admin, Estate Manager, or Sim Owner. Remember never take situations into your own hands, always let the law of the sim handle situations so no fingers can be pointed at a innocent victim.

Combat sim rules:

Disclaimer: Entering into combat you are agreeing to follow and respect all rules regarding combat. There is no excuse making for failures to follow the combat rules and any attempts to make up reasons can be assumed as either negligence or intentional cheating.

1. The VICE and LANCE combat systems are the only recognized combat systems for the community. Unless prior approval from sim owners, no other combat systems are to be used. No other members of Administration may clear the use of any other combat system or set up respawn systems without written consent from the sim owner.

2. Do not teleport, wireframe or use show look-at in combat. Any form of cheating is a sign of poor ability to fight in fair combat and is highly frowned upon by all legitimate communities.

3. Spawn camping is a pitiful and petty, it also is a sign of poor ability to fight and engage during fair combat. There is no justification for spawn camping, the same is stated for firing from respawns.

4. No shouting or name calling during combat.

5. Do not use AOs in combat.

6. Switching VICE teams to kill those on the same team (outside of training) is forbidden. Not switching from team 0 to the proper team is not considered team killing, only negligence of the soldier for not ensuring his/her team is set for combat.

7. Make it clear when you change sides. Shout or message people on your side if possible.

8. When metered expect to always be a target, never complain over being killed at random, this is a war simulation community and if you are in the field then you can and will be a target.

9. Wear acceptable outfits(ie: not too revealing) in the sim while partaking in combat. Using uniforms and other era appropriate outfits is highly encouraged. Free uniforms can be found in the store area.

10. No movement enhancers of any kind. Prejump must not be disabled.

11. No avatar flying during combat.

12. You must use the respawn system. Tanks can only be spawned at vehicle spawn areas and not at flags.

13. Team 0 fighters cannot use vehicle spawns, ergo they cannot deploy armored ground vehicles, with the exception of vehicles spawned outside of the region such as the LVT.

14. You CANNOT duck in and out of the spawns. Once you leave the spawn, you cannot re enter it.

15. Adhere to the whitelist and blacklist.

16. Only WW2 era weapons/vehicles are allowed unless they’ve been granted a per product exception on the whitelist. Non-WW2 vehicles can use the port to embark/disembark but not to do combat. The combat arena skybox is non-era specific and follows the ruleset on it’s own page.

17. CMG coaxials aren’t allowed.

General sim rules:

Disclaimer: Every community has rules, by participating in the sim it will be assumed that you have acknowledged the sim rules and agree to follow them. There is no excuse for not following the sim rules and it can only be assumed that you felt they do not apply to you.

1. Do not harass others or call others names. There is a difference between role playing and referring to Germans as “Huns” and simply referring to them as “f*#@ing bastards” if you do not like some of the opposing team members, approach a admin to work out your differences.

2. In extension to the first rule. Hatred towards or bashing other players based on their avatar, Second Life nationality, real life nationality, sexual orientation, Second Life gender, real life gender, religion/lack of faith, etc and general refusal to respect diversity is in violation of ToS and sim rules and is not allowed.

3. Do not incite/provoke or cause drama. This community is founded on providing a fun and enjoyable community alternative for all people. There is no room for needless drama.

4. Sexualized nudity and sex is not permitted in the sim anywhere. Refer to LL’s standards on nudity.

5. Military groups for all sides and factions are permitted to enjoy the sims. Only groups that have been cleared for recruitment may actively recruit for their groups in the sim. All other attempts will be seen as poaching.

6. Promotions for other communities are forbidden unless previously agreed upon by means of mutual representation for both communities or by Lindens payments for advertisement space by the sim owners.

7. Administration members can deny entry to anyone if deemed to be a high risk for the community.

8. If you’re using excessive script time admins can request you to remove the offending attachments or objects. Please be mindful of the rendering cost of items you wear/rez as well.

9. Child avatars are not allowed.

10. Residents of port facility buildings are asked to keep their prim count below 200 prims.

Punishments for rule violations:

– Verbal warning from Administration staff
– Ejection from sim as a physical warning
– Expulsion from the sim for 1 to 3 days
– Expulsion from sim for 5 to 10 days
– Semi-permanent expulsion from sim
– Permanent expulsion from sim

These punishments are not listed in any order other than severity. Administration members are allowed to choose the course of action they deem fit for the situation. If a punishment does not fit the case a sim owner may reduce the sentence if need be. If a player feels he/she has been wrongfully treated then a full report on why and what happened may be submitted to the sim managers.

For appeals contact ONE of the following:

Dax Dupont (Ghost.Menjou)
La Volpe (fioliakiryane)

Appealing to multiple managers at the same time is heavily discouraged and can result in an automatic denial of an appeal.