[WWII Central Whitelist]

Whitelist for infantry weapons:

C7-k – <C7-k>
Iron Sight Armaments – ::ISA::
Krieg Store – [K-S]
Mistal Munitions – [MM] (Bolt Actions/Submachine guns)
World of War – [WoW Premium] with a lot of exceptions, see below.

Whitelist for vehicles :

Astral Tech – <A-T>
C7-k – <C7-k>
Classic Prims
Tumansky Heavy Industries – [THI]
:1942: (のあちゃ (8noah8.rieko))
Blue Works – [BW] (Coaxial isn’t allowed due it being a violation of not using CMG mode rule.)

Blacklist for infantry weapons:

People`s Generals Store – [PGS]
Full Metal Empirium – [FME]
Toros Viper

Blacklist for vehicles :

Battle Bitch – [BB] (Script performance reasons)
Shana Carpool – [!SC]

*Companies and/or specific vehicles can be disallowed on a sim manager’s directive, If a sim manager/moderator asks you to remove a certain vehicle, please comply.


<A-T> Goliath ❌
[WoW Premium] M50 Reising ❌ – Shoots SMG rounds, bad.
[WoW Premium] MG42 ❌ – Mono bullets lag the region.
[WoW Premium] Bazooka ❌ – Infinite root locking and SMB on AP mode. If you hit a scripted object, it’s gonna lock on the root and do full SMB damage.  Fire rounds are 3x CMB explosions over time.
[WoW Premium] STG-44 ❌ – Too accurate for bullet type.
[WoW Premium] Type 89 Grenade Discharger ❌ – Fires SMB that acts like ground-flak. Fire rounds are 3x CMB explosions over time.
[WoW Premium] Panzerfaust 60m ❌ – Fires 3x CMB bombs in a ranged weapon.
[WoW Premium] Browning Wz. 1928 ❌ – Bullets push physical objects.
[WoW Premium] Kulakov Grenade Launcher ❌ – Update disables weapon for me, doesn’t give update so can’t test changes. Had issues before, cannot verify fixed state.
[WoW Premium] Flammenwerfer 41 ❌ – Fire pellets last 20 seconds and 4m range
[WoW Premium] Detached Meter System ❌ – You can equip multiple primary weapons, it breaks constantly.
[MM] Non-Free PPSH-41 ❌
[MM] VICE Unlocked versions ❌
::ISA:: VP9 ✔