June 2016

April 2016


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so with that last post being full of the stupidity that people insist on bringing into our lives im going to post about something more fun   we set out in a few vehicles to [...]

JGFS UPDATE 4/5/2016

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SPAWN/PORT PROTECTION UPDATE! :D   ever have an issue of lots of ships trying to enter the same port during peak hours? ever get sunk by a sub camping the the home stretch to port? ever [...]

March 2016

keeping up to date

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the gulf is still full of water the gulf isn't strictly ww2 theme the gulf is open for all on the grid to enjoy   my team is working on some more vehicles. does this [...]

February 2016

Air Combat Revival

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its a new year and its time to see if we can bring around some change ive talked to many many pilots over the years and ive narrowed down some of the issues hurting air [...]

December 2015

local no fly zone?

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a nearby parcel has become a flight hazard. ejecting anyone within one second of entry. with signs about a "no fly zone"     *edited with new information* originally i chalked it up to hypocrisy. how [...]

QM Update

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its been a while since i posted anything here i know. FALLOUT 4   anyways ive added some ships that can be earned by playing the game that normally cost money they range between 4000l$ and [...]

October 2015

September 2015

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