New Releases: The Baltimore & Cleveland Cruisers

Astral Technologies is proud to announce the releases of the USS Baltimore & The USS Cleveland.

Country of Origin: America

USS Baltimore Heavy Cruiser

The ship was built by the Fore River Shipyard of the Bethlehem Steel Company in Massachusetts. At his launch on July 28, 1942, it was baptized by the wife of the then mayor of Baltimore, Howard W. Jackson. The ship was commissioned on 15 April 1943 under the command of captain-to-the-sea W. C. Calhoun.

For the merits in the Pacific during World War II, the Baltimore received nine Battle Stars.



USS Cleveland Light Cruiser

On 1 November 1941, Hull No. 423 was launched and christened USS Cleveland (CL-55). Built by New York Shipbuilding Corporation of Camden, New Jersey, and sponsored by Mrs. H. Burton, Cleveland was commissioned on 15 June 1942 with Captain E. W. Burrough in command.

In addition to her Navy Unit Commendation, Cleveland received 13 battle stars for World War II service.


It features the following:

  • VICE Versions
  • Changeable Flags
  • Changeable Hull numbers
  • Massive guns!

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