Plenty of sim crossing issues are caused by network, script counts and other edge factors. However, as we’ve tested and as people have noticed that it’s not always the case, especially in a large area involving aircraft and the likes.

We’re here asking if you encounter such a crossing in the Jeogeot Gulf you note down your name,  time and sim you’re in and the sim you’re crossing into. Please also include your internet speed, your script count and geographical location(Country or something akin to say “West-Europe”), these are however not required but will be helpful in pointing out issues to LL.

We’re gathering a list to see if we can find 1. problematic sims and 2. Something more concrete. All this gathered information will be displayed publically when we make our jira ticket.

Send me a message/notecard with new info, I’m Dax Dupont/Ghost Menjou.

Feel free to bundle the information and send it once you feel you’ve collected enough.