As you may have noticed we’ve flipped the switch on the release of LANCE Freight 2.0 a week ago.

LANCE Freight 2.0 brings many changes including more scoreboards and rewards for people!

Trophies are one of them, you will be able to use trophies as currency for special rewards like exclusive skins and some other TBA items!

LANCE Freight was put under my control a little while ago, and LANCE Freight 2.0 uses no code from it’s previous versions. HUDs and backend were written from scratch so we’re able to implement more features and have more efficient code.

The downside to this is you need to migrate manually by using the migration cube, when 2.1 is released the migration system will be removed.

The ranking system is dynamic and little modifications are needed to make new ranking boards such as the coming kill count scoreboards for submarines!

Better monitoring for downtime, nightly backups of the database, security fixes and more are implemented as well.



So far no issues have been reported, if something pops up let me know.