Station Munro is tribute station of the SL Coast Guard based in the Jeogeot Gulf, which is the oldest rescue group in SL. As such, it’s the only branch of SL Coast Guard that is armed, but their mission is still rescue. It’s named as tribute to Douglas Albert Munro, the only US Coast Guard member to receive a Medal of Honor in WW2 which is the highest honor of the US Military, amongst many other commendations. The commanding officer of Station Munro is Lt. Fitzwilliam DarcyThey only use their weapons for self-defense and defense of the survivors they rescue.

Their vehicles are period accurate, and the uniforms are authentic WWII uniforms of the US Coast Guard. The main vehicles they use are PT boats and the WPB 83′ Patrol Boat.

If you wish to contact them for a rescue operation you can reach them over the Nexus Radio System or the Jeogeot Gulf Communications group.
If you wish to join their rescue efforts please contact Fitzwilliam Darcy for a SLCG application. The SLCG accepts everyone, including anime and furry avatars.

They would like to thank Cornelius Fanshaw and FoxyHeartAmanda for hosting them in Edgemont. You can visit Station Munro, interact with the SLCG and receive a free lifebelt by clicking here.

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