spent some time today fixing the type 45

changed the root location to be closer to the vehicle center due to it not being able to take damage correctly in some cases. this was due to where the missiles rezed from. i originally lowered the health values for simplicity sake but it wasn’t enough. and ive had less of a priority in dealing with modern because i barely have any passion for it anymore.


Technical Info (in depth nerdy talk)

originally the missile did not set pos into the VLS launcher and rezed about 10m from the root so they would appear to fire from the VLS unit. moving the root back closer to center meant i had to adjust the payloads to move themself’s into the launcher before firing. also had to adjust the water line some

everything should be ready to go just rez for an update and let me know if something breaks. hippo update may also be acting weird so if you cant update just rez in tulagi. i may be switching to casper update sometime