so with that last post being full of the stupidity that people insist on bringing into our lives im going to post about something more fun


we set out in a few vehicles to see what we could find

Snapshot _ inverno, Matamata (51, 136, 95) - Mature.png


the things we found were somewhere between fun and borderline depressing like exploring a long dead civilization


a sea of dead breedables. its hard to say whats more scary. the fact they’re all dead our that someone dumped huge amounts of money into them

Snapshot _ Route 10, Numbat (212, 68, 72) - Mature.png


we also found what we can only assume are bases on abandoned land. amazing 10/10

Snapshot _ Northern Spur Road, Jeongam (52, 21, 54) - Mature.png


and we cant forget the car wash that cost’s one single L$.


Snapshot _ Route 10, Craggen Maw (23, 247, 35) - Mature.png