its a new year and its time to see if we can bring around some change

ive talked to many many pilots over the years and ive narrowed down some of the issues hurting air combat on sl. the breakdown is between dynamic and easy aircraft

everyone is to blame. there is no right side in this argument but to blame the individual pilots and not the brands. what it boils down to is an MMO term known as ganking. EVERYONE IS GUILTY OF IT


  • so instead of ganking a new pilot why not take them with you and let them fly as your wingman. maybe teach them a few things.


  • so instead of ganking down a dynamic aircraft with your aircraft that can fly up inside its own tailhole


in recent years the best way to combat this was to simply turn off vice. land. and leave the sim. so stop wondering why your sims are dead and empty.

what im hoping to do about this is to propose a sort of honor system. the pilots should know what their choice of aircraft is able to do. and they should respect other pilots enough to pick on something they know can defend itself. in short check your targets

our sim Guadalcanal welcomes all aircraft from all creators. but it needs to be the pilots held accountable for how they use their weapons of war. air combat can return from the abyss. but its going to require a community effort to do so

at the end of the day don’t we all just want to fly?




so before you brush me off and what im trying to say here. backstory time!

ive been around from the start. i built the first vice combat sims to deploy more than just aircraft. and i deployed the first respawn tags. far before even olds afb made their own modeled after ours. this was all back in 2009



why cant we just make things fun again? im not going to give up hope.